HD Volumetric Imaging™

Our Vimago™ HD Volumetric Imaging™ system can scan as much of your pet as needed so we can optimally diagnose and treat with the greatest confidence. We can also use the system as a fluoroscopy platform allowing us to see real time, moving, x-ray images to help with diagnosis and aid us in minimally invasive procedures.

HDVI™, HD Volumetric Imaging™, is a fast method of getting detailed, 3-dimensional imaging of your pet. Our practice uses HD VI™ studies to diagnose and rule out a vast array of conditions as well as to plan surgery and even perform intraoperative and interventional procedures. HDVI™ is capable of producing imaging studies with resolution more than 1481x higher than conventional CT imaging while using 60-90% less radiation. Less radiation not only vastly reduces the risks of radiation damage to your pet, it also allows for our veterinary technicians and doctors to be with our patients during the entire study — enhancing both patient safety and the quality of the images.


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