Megan Petroff, DVM
(Practice Limited to Behavioral Medicine)

Education: University of Florida
Residency: Florida Veterinary Behavior Service

Dr. Megan Petroff is a Florida native and completed her undergraduate studies and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida in Gainesville, finishing veterinary school in 2015. She remembers first being inspired by James Harriet’s books and was interested in treating all species. This plan came to a crashing halt when she realized how hot this would be in the South Florida heat.

Dr. Petroff became a small animal general practitioner in South Florida for five years. She received the Young Veterinarian Award in 2019 from the American Association of Feline Practitioners for her excellence and dedication in treating cats. She became Fear Free Elite certified, which taught her how to provide an especially low-stress experience for patients.

Dr. Petroff’s passion for behavior began when she adopted a dog while studying abroad in Costa Rica for a semester in college. With her dog Tico, she became a patient and client of her local veterinary behaviorist and saw first-hand what a difference treatment makes in the quality of life of the pet and family. She realized veterinary behavior was her true calling in general practice as the cases that made other doctors groan like cats eliminating out of their boxes or aggressive dogs, were her favorite cases every day. She went on to perform a clinical behavioral medicine residency at the Florida Veterinary Behavior Service, completing her 3-year residency in December of 2022.

Dr. Petroff’s passions outside of work include watercolor painting, SCUBA diving, surfing, and spending time with her now senior dog, Tico.