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Certain breeds of dogs and cats, such as Boxer Dogs, Doberman Pinschers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Maine coon cats, and Ragdoll cats, are known to be at a higher risk of heart disease. Our cardiology team is one of only a few in Long Island able to screen your animal for heart problems prior to breeding.

  • OFA certification
    The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ( is a breed registry/database for purebred animals. If you are intending to breed your animal, and it is a breed for which cardiac disease is known or suspected to be inherited, you should have your animal screened for cardiac disease prior to breeding.
  • ARCH Registry
    The ACVIM Registry of Cardiac Health (ARCH) is a more comprehensive registry than the OFA, and is limited to exams by Board-certified cardiologists. Exam findings and certifications also include congenital and acquired disease.

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